Monday, December 9, 2013


Hey ladies,

I am not a "Pro" at blogging but I am going to try and figure this out to get this group up and running outside of the honors class. I want us to keep in touch and stay connected! I just can't stop thinking about how cool it would be to have a little group to organize events with or simply critic with once we get out of school. Having such a small group leaves room for great bonding and tight network potential. We are all motivated and I'm sure all of us, if we stay passionate about art, will get somewhere. I just think it would be nice to watch each other grow.

This is a place to post your personal projects, all class work and things your participating in or would like to participate in! (like a library gallery show... local event... maybe looking for a buddy to go to a 'Con' with... Anything art or group related!) Share!!!

P.s- This is a group of equals no "leader".  Nobody "runs" this blog. It is a group blog so feel free to change shit up. ( let me see if I can add you all and set us all the editors or whatever)

-Sherri ;)

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